Bentpinepublishing.media transforms clever texts and fantastic stories into high-quality books. We accompany our authors on their journey to book success. Constantly looking for new ways and possibilities. Without limits and always with open eyes and ears.

Your book, the way you want it

At Bentpinepublishing.media you are responsible for your book project. We don’t make any content specifications and have no visual guidelines.

Diversity of opinion

We contribute to the diversity of opinions. We are politically neutral. Mainstream content as well as special interest topics find a home with us. We do not judge whether a text is well or poorly written. We leave that decision to the readers.

Social Responsibility

We support free speech and freedom of publication. We print and publish content that is within the bounds of the law, even if we sometimes do not share the views of the authors. However, we distance ourselves from content that we believe is ethically harmful to social cohesion and human dignity.


The protection of intellectual property is very important to us. Therefore, you can only publish book projects with us for which you own all relevant rights. You cannot publish public domain works that you do not significantly enhance with your own work.

We love trees

The world needs great books. And great books need healthy forests. That’s why we actively support reforestation. For every published book project, we plant a tree.