Is it possible to make money on writing in the 21st century?

Write for blogs, magazines, and newspapers

Posts appearing in blogs, magazines, and digital magazines may just be waiting to bolster your lettering talents. There are many outlets that will pay for your writing skills .

This way of making money from writing is ideal for people with a degree in communications or journalism , but it is not exclusive to “niche writers,” meaning fans of a certain topic or specialists in a certain field. who have writing skills that allow them to write articles for leading blogs, magazines or newspapers in their field.

You’ll have job options in digital media (obviously most) as well as in traditional physical media, which, while they already fall into the traditional and little-attracted publishing field, continue to create opportunities to make money from writing, especially for specialized writers. Focus on finding options on both sides.

Any communications company needs editors, and finding them is difficult, so it will be important to make yourself known and show your talent.

Working as a content creator and copywriter for brands

As you know, professions related to the marketing world are experiencing their biggest boom today, so it is very likely that you will not be short of opportunities if you specialize in freelance content creator or copywriter .

Brands come first when it comes to sectors that are greedy for content, so if you choose to write texts geared toward the marketing world , this writing income option is sure to work for you.

The main thing you should know is that this is an eclectic profession; your text and content can target a wide range of business sectors and work in completely different formats, so you should constantly strengthen your writing skills based on each of them: one day you may write valuable content for a brand blog and the next script a commercial for a product.

As you enter the marketing family, you should also apply your fundamentals in this area and relate to new skills such as SEO/SEM-focused writing , copy structure for social media, appropriate writing strategies for promoted publications, etc.

The key factor is to train your power of persuasion with the right use of words, in the end your goal will always be to persuade with either valuable content or content that is directly sales-oriented.

Several professions related to writing

1. Freelancer

Even if you don’t already work online, you’ve probably heard of freelancers. These are professionals who operate independently, offering their services to other people or even companies on their own.

But how does a freelancer make money writing articles ?

You can offer your texts to digital entrepreneurs who have a blog, but do not have time to write in this communication channel.

Another option is to write sales texts for those who sell online. Or you can even help a subject expert write an e-book on a subject he or she knows.

There will always be someone or some company that will need a very well-written text sooner or later. And if you don’t know where to start, there are online platforms like Workana , Nbelo/Freelancer , Soyfreelancer and Fiverr that connect content producers with those who need these kinds of services.

2. Blog editor

Content marketing is increasingly being used by entrepreneurs from various fields, both online and offline.

This is because this form of promotion allows customers to reach products naturally. In other words, a company no longer needs to bombard people with ads, which in most cases are even considered intrusive.

There are many ways to set up a content marketing strategy, and creating a blog with engaging texts for customers is one of the most common ways to start implementing this type of promotion in a business. That’s why bloggers are increasingly in high demand.

Either on your own, as we showed in a previous topic, or even as a company, you can make money online by blogging for other people.

Alternatively, if you have some knowledge and want to share it with third parties, you can also work by blogging on your own. And how do you make money from your blog?

For example, you can allow advertising on your blog or even recommend products related to the topic you’re addressing and get commissions on sales related to your content.

(To learn more about this topic, take a look at our post that explains how you can live off your blog )

3. E-book editor.

Still thinking about the writing profession, you can make money writing ebooks. The big problem for most people thinking about writing books online is that they don’t always have ideas for content.

If this is your case, you can find people who are experts in their areas of expertise but don’t have writing skills, and you can offer to develop your topic into an e-book. Again, you can use freelancing platforms to find this type of work.

4. Copywriter

The copywriter is one of the professions of the future, attracting a lot of attention from those who write well and want to make money with it.

Basically, a copywriter is a person who creates texts to increase sales, such as ads, landing pages, product promotion videos and more.

But in addition to writing, this professional also needs to be able to persuade with his or her texts. After all, text is a type of text whose purpose is to persuade a person to make a purchase.

5. Social Media Manager

Many people think that to be a social media manager, you only need to know these communication channels. Of course this is important, after all, how can you manage a network you don’t know?

But, in addition to knowing about social media, a good manager should also be able to write well. Why? For the simple reason that not only should he or she be dedicated to publishing content on these networks, but also someone who uses words to captivate and capture the attention of the people who interact through these communication channels.

The intention of having a manager is to constantly update the social media of a business, and as you must have noticed by now, most media outlets use words and images to communicate with their audiences.

So if you’re good at persuading and charming people with words, take the opportunity to offer this type of service to businesses and entrepreneurs with different social media platforms that you know need help with this task.

6. Book Author.

So far, all of the professions we’ve shown for those who want to know how to make money from writing involve using the Internet, but remember that you can work with this skill even outside of the online environment.

Have you thought about writing a book ?

We’re talking about e-books, which are also books but are sold digitally. We’re talking about books that don’t necessarily involve technical content, such as novels, adventure, poetry and others.

Writing a book involves several processes, from planning to publishing to selling your material.

This may seem like a pipe dream to most people, but if you’re already a good copywriter, why not take advantage of the opportunity?

And if you still don’t know how to get started, don’t worry. We have a blog post on how to write and publish a book, don’t miss it!

7. Screenwriter

YouTube is a communication channel widely used not only by entrepreneurs but also by producers of various content. It is increasingly being used because of the ease of communicating something to an audience via video.

Along with this comes the opportunity to make money from writing: the role of a screenwriter.

Generally speaking, when we talk about screenwriting, we only think of movies like Hollywood’s. However, let’s remember that even a short video needs a script to be of quality.

Sure, you can be a screenwriter for big movies or independent films made on your own. But if you haven’t done so yet and want to get started, one possibility is to write , for example, scripts for YouTube videos .

Offer this type of service to people you know who have ideas for video topics but don’t make videos because they don’t know how to talk about a certain issue in front of the cameras.

That way, you can make money by turning these people’s ideas into a script, and maybe even be a partner or co-producer on these people’s YouTube channel.

So you can make money by turning these people’s ideas into a script, and maybe even be a partner or co-producer on these people’s YouTube channel.

Also, many companies that have a YouTube channel need screenwriters. So this is a way to make money that is not necessarily stand-alone, because you can apply for a job in that role.

How do you get a job and make money writing in these areas?

Now that you understand how to make money writing, we’re going to give you some quick tips to help you get a job in one of these 7 areas we present.

You’re probably thinking that you have to be a humanitarian to work in writing and preferably take writing or advertising. But it’s good to know that anyone who can read and write can create good texts.

Clearly, if you have a major in a language-related field, writing may be an easier task. But if that’s not your case, remember that you can always develop the ability to write.

1. Choose a field of study

Regardless of the type of subject matter under consideration, at some point in all fields you need to write some kind of text, even if it is more scholarly. So choose a niche to act on.

For example:

If you are a civil engineer, you can create scholarly articles about your market and share all your knowledge about it. Who knows that your articles don’t even turn into an e-book that you can sell online to those who have questions about the topic?

2. Always Learning.

Once you’ve chosen a field in which to operate, it’s time to specialize. Always be learning, because after all, every subject is constantly being updated as there are small daily changes in everything we do.

Take courses, search, and don’t let experience limit your creativity. Even if you have been in the market for many years, there is always something new you can learn or improve in your approach.

3. read a lot.

This suggestion may be similar to the previous one, but they actually complement each other.

It’s clear that you should and must read a lot about your area of expertise, but don’t think that’s where your reading process ends.

To be a good copywriter, you need to know a lot of topics. This is because the more we read, the more we know about other people’s writing process, and this can help us a lot when writing our own texts.

So if you want to make money writing, don’t limit your knowledge. Try to expand as much as possible to read different topics.

4. Practice

You must have heard by now that writing is a matter of practice, and trust me, it’s not a myth.

The more you write, the more you become familiar with text production. So even if it’s difficult at first, never stop writing.

You can start by producing small texts, and gradually you will develop more of the issues involved. The important thing is that you start and do not give up at the first difficulties.

Gradually you will find that the writing process becomes easier and faster. In addition, you can always count on methods to help you create a better text.

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